Saturday, December 10, 2011

Links of Aritcles

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  1.   Where There is a Will,there is a Way
  2.   Honesty Is The Best Policy
  3.   Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time 
  4.   Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth
  5.   One Good Turn Deserves Another
  6.   As You Sow,so Shall You Reap
  7.   Example is Better Than Precept
  8.   A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  9.   Prevention is Better Than Cure 
  10.   Slow and Steady Wins The Race
  11.   Cleanlines is Next to Godliness
  12.   Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  13.   Service to Man is Service to God 
  14.   Empty Vessels Make The Most Sound
  15.   Failures are Stepping Stones to Success 
  16.   To Err is Human, to Forgive Divine
  17.   Charity Begins at Home 
  18.   God Made The Country, and Man Made The Town
  19.   Impossible is a Word in The Dictionary of Fools 
  20.   A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing
  21.   Handsome is as Handsome Does 
  22.   Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be 
  23.   The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World 
  24.   A Rolling Stone Gather No Moss 
  25.   A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
  26.   Strike When The Iron is Hot
  27.   Pride Goes Before a Fall
  28.   Travel Broadens The Mind
  29.   Knowledge is Power 
  30.   Eye Donation is The Best Donation 
  31.   Birds of Feather Flock Together 
  32.   All That Glitters is Not Gold 
  33.   God Help Those Who Help Themselves 
  34.   Experience is The Best Teacher
  35.   Unity is Strength 
  36.   Practice Makes Perfect
  37.   Health is Wealth
  38.   Examination : a Necessary Evil

I am still trying to add as many proverbs as i can here but if you guys have some request kindly let me know it. I would try to add those topics here as soon as i can

i have also started a new blog where instead leaving blogger and going on different site where i have written proverbs you can find all the proverbs in one place

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    Need your help

    Hi guys i wish i can add more topic here but haven't been able to write any more, if you write proverbs and have published it some where then send me its link and i would add that here on my blog.

    If you don't have any place to write then you can do that on triond.
    just submit your expansion of some proverbs there and send me its link i would put those here and help you get views too this would help both you guy and me